The awe-inducing looks of celebrities and models strutting down the runway or a PR event or amid the glossy pages of a fashion magazine are usually a courtesy of an entire village. The horde behind the impeccably glamorous and flawless appearances of stars and public figures hustles beyond the rational working hours. Amid several creative heads including makeup and hair artists, photographers, and fashion designers is the one mind that takes the onus of harmoniously putting together every detail in the look. One such mind is of the distinguished celebrity stylist, Mohit Rai. The man behind some of the refined red-carpet looks of Sonakshi Sinha and many other A-listed actors like Kareena Kapoor, Jahnvi Kapoor, Kiara Advani, Huma Quereshi, Disha Patani and many more.

He is adulated widely by the fashion tribe and sought by the stars. Celebrity stylist Mohit Rai has seen a meteoric rise in his métier in the last few years due to his exceptional sartorial and style sensibilities and keen eye for sustaining individualism in every look. The stylist has his finger on the pulse of latest trends in fashion and au courant with every style that moves on the runway as well as the street.

Like every artist, Mohit Rai too swears by a few distinct styling concepts that make him stand out in his niche. Along with being a preacher of maximalism, he habitually abides by the infusion of aesthetic floral drama in the frame. The highlights of the same executed for the luxury designer label, Falguni Shane Peacock is featured below: –

Sonakshi Sinha in Falguni Shane Peacock Anarkali

Sonakshi Sinha graced the cover of the fashion magazine of the label, The Peacock Magazine sporting a bespoke grey Falguni Shane Peacock embroidered Anarkali teamed with statement feather shrug. The petals adorned in her loose glossy waves compliments the spirited aura of the look.

Sonakshi Sinha

She donned the cold grey Falguni Shane Peacock Lehenga carved with multicolored foliage details. Echoing with the backdrop and the ensemble, the stylist imbued blush pink roses to the look that accessorized the lively tone of the Lehenga.

Falguni Shane Peacock Lehenga

The stylist curated this look for The Peacock Magazine where the star sported a silver embroidered Falguni Shane Peacock Lehenga. The oriental lilies’ adornment adds to the sophisticated drama of the ensemble.

Sonakshi Sinha In Silver Lehenga

The mauve-based, silver handcrafted Lehenga set by Falguni Shane Peacock was complemented with casually strayed purple chrysanthemums in her tresses.


Mohit Rai also styled one of the segments for Falguni Shane Peacock’s first-ever digital fashion week at the India Couture Week, 2020, that featured timeless red bridal Lehengas teamed with prolifically ornate, floral headdresses. Enhancing every look, the feature of floral head-accessories was a highlight of the segment.

The showcase was in the format of an off-stage based film, where the viewers were presented with real tumult and hustle behind the creation of couture.


red bridal Lehengas

The elaborate headgear adorned with floral assortments amplifies the exuberant quality of this Falguni Shane Peacock statement bridal red Lehenga.


multicolored Falguni Shane Peacock bridal Lehenga

The teaming of the vibrant, elaborate floral assortments as the headdress with the multicolored Falguni Shane Peacock bridal Lehenga is an extension of one of the styling credos of the celebrity stylist.


midnight black Lehenga set

The midnight black Lehenga set, embellished with multicolored motifs is styled innovatively by adding a red floral headdress.

It’s an extraordinary feat to bring out the best version of every individual by elevating their personal style and it cannot be denied that it is pulled off by Mohit Rai incomparably.