Bridal ‘Lehenga’ – The Classic Red Edit

Red is the default color for Indian nuptials. Even though many brides are moving away to choose other bridal ‘Lehenga’ options like powder pink, ivory or shades of yellow, red is eternal. The origin of the tradition to wear red wedding bridal ‘Lehenga’ has different theories; some say that it is associated with the rising sun and according to astrology it is the color of Mars which is considered to be the planet in charge of Marriage in the Hindu culture. It is also linked with Goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Lord Vishnu who is spotted in an all red ensemble from her ‘Saree’ to bangles. Whatever be the case one cannot deny the charm that vermillion bridal ‘Lehenga’ brings to the table. It is a positive hue that has the power to ward off evil and usher peace and prosperity to new beginnings.

Complexions of Red in the latest ‘Lehenga’ designs by Falguni Shane Peacock-

Red and orange wedding bridal ‘Lehenga’


Handcrafted with multicolored threadwork on floral motifs with an ethnic waist belt and tassel detailing. Paired with an orange tulle butti ‘Dupatta’ by Falguni Shane Peacock.


Red and gold wedding bridal ‘Lehenga’

Anvi Bridal lehenga

Red and gold chrome applique ‘Lehenga’ with silk threads, palanquin and foliage motifs. Teamed with a hand-embroidered raw silk blouse with tassel details by Falguni Shane Peacock.


Maroon and royal blue wedding bridal ‘Lehenga’

lekha bridal

Maroon ‘Lehenga’ with motifs and a navy blue embroidered blouse that comes with a winged panel and a tulle dupatta by Falguni Shane Peacock.


The Pure Red wedding bridal ‘lehenga’

Arlette bridal lehenga

The all red ‘Lehenga’ with a sheer neckline, comes with a blouse and ‘Dupatta’ by Falguni Shane Peacock


The Beige Mix wedding bridal ‘lehenga’

jyot bridal lehenga

Beige tulle ‘Lehenga’ with a pure silk red border embroidered over foliage and arch motifs. Paired with a tassel blouse and red tulle ‘Dupatta’ by Falguni Shane Peacock.